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Steal'n the Show was our pick from the A Bar Dispersal Sale. She is very correct on her feet and legs and packed with muscle and power! She has a gorgeous head and neck that's breathtaking from the profile. She is a game changer for our herd and will definitely be incorporated into our donor line-up.
REGEL Roxy's Big Brag (10639907)

Sire: AABG Braggin Rights
Dam: BSA A Lil Roxy

This doe is a power-house. She has really started to blossom into a top-notch show doe. She captured 2nd place at the 2014 Adam's County Summer Spectacular. She also made the cut and placed 9th out of a huge 30+ 3-6 month FB Doe class. The amount of bone and muscle is what we love and breed for. Her mom, BSA A Lil Roxy, accumulated 19 show points for us this summer, including being named the 2014 Reserve Senior Champion at the Iowa State Fair. We expect big things from this doe and her dam in the show ring next year!
5 Star Show Goats "0008"

Sire: ANKNY Ankonian Prime Minister
Dam: Commercial

-Overall Grand Champion Market Doe, 2014 Iowa State Fair

"0008" or as Jenna named her "I'm So Fancy", comes from 5 Star Show Goats out of Fairbank, Iowa. We wanted to add wether genetics into our herd to improve muscle mass into our does and to be able to offer winning club goats. "I'm So Fancy" is sired by Prime Minister, which goes back to their great President buck. This doe has an unbelievably long loin and is packed full of muscle. "I'm So Fancy" won the 2014 Grand Champion Market Doe award at the Iowa State Fair! Her and her sister will be bred in the fall of '15 to kid in the winter/spring of 2016 for club wethers and market does!

EGGS EGGSPECT A ROSE C610 (10640903)
Fullblood Doe

Sire: EGGS Ceeds Eggspectation 
Dam: EGGS B262

Overall Reserve Grand Champion Doe, 2014 Iowa State Fair 4-H Show

EGGSPECT A ROSE was purchased from the Showstopper Done Sale. She has been a game changer for us! She has won many of her classes and has done well at the state level. She has 20 ABGA Ennoblement Points. This December 2013 doe is big topped, big hipped, and wide-tracking! She has high expectations in 2015!!

Newton Farms Square Rose (10641067)
Fullblood Doe

Sire: AABG NBD Square One **Ennobled
Dam: RRD Wrangler's Rose

This extremely fancy December 2013 doe comes straight from the Winning Tradition Sale in Indiana! Newton Farms Square Rose is such a cool doe! She's so well balanced yet carries plenty of power to work her way to the top in the show ring or in your breeding program. We are very excited about this donor doe!

AABG NBD No Merci (10641420)
Fullblood Doe

Sire: AABG As Good As It Gets **Ennobled
Dam: AABG NBD Show A Little Merci

AABG NBD No Merci is sired by the great AABG As Good As It Gets **ENN (deceased). Her dam is AABG NBD Show A Little Merci who is a multi-champion doe. This doe has a level top and hips, wide set pins, smooth shoulders, long thin neck, and a great leg set.

AABG NBD Front & Center (10641422)
Fullblood Doe

Sire: AABG NBD Stardom
Dam: AABG NBD First Luv

Front & Center is out of a Ward's Cat In the Hat X111 **Ennobled daughter and sired by AABG NBD Stardom. Stardom himself was a many times champion and a national class winner and his progeny has earned him the needed points to make him an **Ennobled buck. Front & Center accumulated 4 Ennoblement points in 2014 with very limited showing..

ERWIN Not So Bora Bora-ing (10560441)
Percentage Doe

Sire: SHIP Ripped Apart **Ennobled
Dam: Boer

Not So Bora Bora-ing is anything but boring. She is elgant and long necked with a good rack shape. She had limited amount of showing in 2014, yet won Overall Grand Champion Doe at the Adams County Summer Spectacular!! She has been bred to 5 Star Show Goat's elite wether buck, President!

ERWIN Miss Behavin (10560457)
Percentage Doe

Sire: SHIP Ripped Apart **Ennobled
Dam: Boer

- Overall Grand Champion Percentage Doe, 2012 Iowa State Fair

Miss B has had a very successful show career which earned her 89 show points. One of Miss B’s full sisters, Ain’t Miss Behavin’, is one of the best percentage does in the country! Miss B catches the judges eye everytime with her style and muscle shape.


HSFG Hillside Hitman's Double Stuff (10561077)
Fullblood Doe

Sire: Rowdy Mtns. Red Holler Hitman
Dam: Rose Hillside Dark Side

Double Stuff is the twin sister to the famous "Dark Mark". Double Stuff holds her own, winning numerous Grand Champion titles in 2014 and was awarded 20 ABGA Ennoblement Points. She has one of the widest and longest loins on our farm! Double Stuff is one of the most elite black does in the country.

BSA A Lil Roxy (10554421)
Fullblood Doe

Sire: BSA Check My Swag *NGC* **Ennobled
Dam: BSA Blonde Bombshell **Ennobled

- Reserve Senior Champion, Iowa State Fair 2014

What can we say about Roxy? Roxy came straight out of A-Bar’s showstring to ours. Like her National Grand Champion sire, Check My Swag *Ennobled & Sire of Merit, she is big footed, wide-chested, and packed with muscle! Roxy has made her mark in the midwest this                                                                                       season while she captured many Grand Champion titles and earned                                                                                       14 ABGA Ennoblement Points, causing her dam to be **Ennobled!
ERWIN Something To Talk About (10564971)
Fullblood Doe

Sire: SHIP Ripped Apart **Ennobled
Dam: KENZ Blaze A Fire

Something To Talk About has been a successful show doe with 10 show points. She is big bodied and stylish. She is very three-dimensional, wide everywhere and very long-bodied!